Terms & Conditions

These Booking Conditions, together with any other written information we brought to your attention before we confirmed your booking, form the basis of your contract with Chalet Sapphire Sarl. We correctly state our ltd company details as Chalet Sapphire Sarl but trade with a different name that is better suited the market niche and is used by the domain name Chalet Sapphire. We state on our paperwork that Chalet Sapphire is a trading name of Chalet Sapphire Sarl. Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations.

In these Booking Conditions references to “the client”, “guest”, “you” and “your” include the first named person on the booking and all persons on whose behalf a booking is made or any other person to whom a booking is added or transferred.

By making a booking, the first named person on the booking agrees on behalf of all persons detailed on the booking that:

  • he/she has read these terms and conditions and has the authority to and does agree to be bound by them;
  • he/she consents to our use of information in accordance with our Privacy Policy;
  • he/she is over 18 years of age and where placing an order for services with age restrictions declares that he/she and all members of the party are of the appropriate age to purchase those services.

The Contract is subject to these booking conditions, which the Client has been deemed to have read and fully understood. A contract for the activity and / or service is made between Chalet Sapphire and the Client on the issue of written confirmation of booking by Chalet Sapphire. If a booking is made by telephone, email or facsimile then the client shall be deemed to have read and fully understood these conditions and signed the declaration on the booking form.

Booking a Holiday

A holiday booking is made when you:

  • complete and sign our Booking Form – be that in ink or electronically – and return it, or;
  • where you accept to enter into contract with us through our online platform, and in either case once;
  • we receive cleared funds for the full value of your deposit as stated on your booking information.

On receipt of this we will forward a booking confirmation to you or you will have access to a booking summary if you are using our online platform. The deposit payment is non-refundable..

On receipt of your booking confirmation please check it carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to us immediately. Please ensure that all names detailed are exactly as stated in the relevant passport.

If you have paid a deposit, you must pay the full balance by the balance due date notified to you (typically eight weeks before your holiday). If full payment is not received by the balance due date we reserve the right to cancel your booking in accordance with the relevant clause below.

Accuracy of Description

We endeavor to ensure that all of the information and prices displayed on our website are accurate; however occasionally changes and errors occur and we reserve the right to correct prices and other details in such circumstances. You must check the current price and all other details relating to the arrangements that you wish to book before your booking is confirmed.

We strive to ensure accuracy of descriptions shown however we are not always able to control all the components of the holiday arrangements and it is possible that an advertised facility may be withdrawn or changed.


The price of your holiday will be confirmed on booking. When you have booked and paid your deposit (or the full amount if you book within eight weeks of departure), the price of your booking as shown on your confirmation invoice is guaranteed unless you elect to change the confirmed booking, and also in situations as defined in ‘Surcharges’..


In rare circumstances, we reserve the right to levy a surcharge after the confirmation of your booking in accordance with industry standard guidelines. However, we guarantee that no such surcharge would be applied within 30 days of your Departure Date.

A surcharge would only occur as a result of cost changes arising from government action such as changes in VAT or any other government imposed changes; and to changes in the currency exchange used to calculate your arrangements any or all of which may result in a variation of the price of your arrangements.

In the event that we require to levy such a surcharge, we will absorb and you will not be charged for any increase equivalent to 2% of the price of your holiday, which excludes insurance premiums, additional service and any administration charges. You would, however, be charged for increases over and above that amount. If this means that you have to pay an increase of more than 10% of the price of your holiday, you will have the option of accepting a change to another holiday if we are able to offer one (if this is of equivalent or higher quality you will not have to pay more but if it is of lower quality you will be refunded the difference in price), or cancelling and receiving a full refund of all monies paid (with the exception on monies taken on behalf of third parties where their own terms apply).

Should you decide to cancel your holiday pursuant to the above condition, you must exercise your right to do so within 14 days from the date printed on the written notice of surcharge that we send.

Tourist Tax

Tourist Taxes will be payable by the client within resort at the end of their stay. The tax is mandated by the local resort and is typically based on the number of adults, children, the rating of the property and the governing resort. Typically this is a nominal sum that is between 0.75 and 3.00 EUR per person per night though further discounts are sometimes available for family groups.

Payment Terms

A 20% non refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to confirm a reservation. The balance is due eight weeks prior to arrival. Booking Costs / Accommodation balances are payable by Bank Transfer, Debit or Credit Card. Remittance details for Bank Transfers are available on request. Expenses / Additional Services balances are payable by Cash or Card. All bookings are provisional and are only confirmed once the deposit has cleared in Chalet Sapphire’s bank.

There are no processing charges for customers based / using cards registered in the UK or EU, however, we reserve the right to levy a surcharge for card payments made from cards registered in other international destinations. In this case, we promise that the surcharge will be no more than the actual increased cost of processing the payment method as is charged to us by our bank or merchant. Whilst we reserve the right to vary this amount accordingly, this is typically 1.5%.

1 For all payments by bank transfer the customer is liable for all bank charges arising from the transfer, this includes charges levied by our bank if you make payment in a foreign currency. Only the credited amount will be credited to your account.

Sterling Payments

If clients wish to pay a balance in GBP then we are able to offer two options:

One Time Payment – if you wish to make a one-time payment then we will advise you of an exchange rate, which shall be applicable for 72 hours only. Payment must be received by us within 72 hours otherwise we reserve the right to re-value the rate. In this instance, the payment amount may be worth less than initially indicated if the rate moves against you.

Fixed Contract – if you wish to fix the entirety of the Accommodation / Booking Cost in GBP then we can offer this service at a 1.5% surcharge of the total balance. If you choose this option the exchange rate will be set at the time of confirmation by us and will remain valid for the duration of the booking period. All Accommodation / Booking Cost payments shall then be made in GBP.

Amendments By You

If you wish to make alterations to your booking after the contract is formed we will seek to accommodate your request, where it is reasonable to do so. Such changes are at the sole discretion of Chalet Sapphire. Amendments must be confirmed in writing, signed by you or any authorised member of your group. They will come into effect on the day they are confirmed by the Chalet Sapphire team. You agree to indemnify Chalet Sapphire for any reasonable expenses incurred in making an amendment whether or not Chalet Sapphire succeeds in confirming your request.

Cancellation By You

If you choose to cancel your booking you must do so in writing. Any cancellation will come into effect the day written notice is received by Chalet Sapphire. The 20% deposit is non-refundable and if a booking is cancelled less than 8 weeks prior to arrival 100% fee will be charged.

Date of cancellation Cancellation % charge
Less than 8 weeks 100%
More than 8 weeks 20%

The date of arrival is the date of your arrival in the destination resort. In the case of a multiple week stay the date of arrival is the start date specified on the booking agreement. The amount refunded will be calculated on each week booked individually. In the case of a multiple week stay the refund will only be calculated on the value of the week(s) cancelled, not on the total value of the booking. Depending on the reason for your cancellation, you may be able to reclaim these charges under the terms of your insurance policy.

Please also note that where you wish to cancel services booked with a third party on your behalf, their terms will apply which may affect any refund that is available.

Cancellation By Chalet Sapphire

If you fail to pay the balance of the booking price or other sums owing before the due dates, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and re-sell the room with no refund to you.

If there are any major changes to a booking Chalet Sapphire will notify the customer and offer arrangements as close to the original as possible, a total refund or alternative date. If the changes are minor Chalet Sapphire are not obliged to contact the customer in advance or pay compensation.

Chalet Sapphire will always endeavor to fulfill confirmed bookings however do reserve the right to cancel. A booking may be postponed or cancelled if there is an apparent risk or threat to the health and safety of our guests. Guests will receive a full refund or transferred to a alternate week. The refund process may take up to 12 weeks for completion.

Our Liability

We have a duty to select the suppliers of the services making up your booking with us with reasonable skill and care. We have no liability to you for the actual provision of the services, except in cases where it is proved that we have breached that duty and damage to you has been caused. Therefore, providing we have selected the suppliers/subcontractors with reasonable skill and care, we will have no liability to you for anything that happens during the service in question or any acts or omissions of the supplier, its employees or agents.

We will not be responsible or pay you compensation for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expense, cost or other claim of any description if it results from:

  • the act(s) and/or omission(s) of the person(s) affected;
  • the act(s) and/or omission(s) of a third party unconnected with the provision of the services contracted for and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable; or
  • unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond ours or our supplier(s) control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised; or
  • an event which either ourselves or suppliers could not, even with all due care, have foreseen or forestalled.
  • We limit the amount of compensation we may have to pay you if we are found liable under this clause in the following ways:
  • Loss of and/or damage to any luggage or personal possessions and money, The maximum amount we will have to pay you in respect of these claims is an amount equivalent to the applicable excess on your travel insurance policy because you are assumed to have adequate insurance in place to cover any losses of this kind.

Claims not falling under the above or involving injury, illness or death. The maximum amount we will have to pay you in respect of these claims is the price paid by or on behalf of the person(s) affected in total.

It is a condition of our acceptance of liability under this clause that you notify any claim to ourselves strictly in accordance with the complaints procedure set out in these conditions. Where any payment is made, the person(s) receiving it (and their parent or guardian if under 18 years) must also assign to ourselves or our insurers any rights they may have to pursue any third party and must provide ourselves and our insurers with all assistance we may reasonably require.

Please note we cannot accept any liability for:

  • Any damage, loss or expense or other sum(s) of any description which on the basis of the information given to us by you concerning your booking prior to our accepting it, we could not have foreseen you would suffer or incur if we breached our contract with you; or
  • Any business losses.

Clients understand that participating in activities run by Chalet Sapphire or any third party involves some level or risk. By attending and participating in such activities provided by Chalet Sapphire or any third parties the client agrees to assume these risks and agrees to release all employees from any and all claims for liability.

In cases of compensation or damage arising from non-performance or improper performance of the services involved in any of the company’s contracts, compensation for personal, including psychiatric injury and non-personal injury is limited by all relevant international conventions including but not limited to the Geneva Convention, the Montreal Convention and the Athens Convention.

Neither Chalet Sapphire nor any of its directors, representative, employees or agents will be liable for any loss or damage to any personal property or vehicle belonging to the Client during the course of their stay at the Chalet Sapphire. Chalet Sapphire shall not be bound by any such admission unless it is explicitly stated in writing and executed on behalf of Chalet Sapphire.


  • Chalet Sapphire reserves the right to alter the content of services at any time without notice to the client due to certain factors including but not limited to the weather and the physical fitness of the client.
  • Information published by Chalet Sapphire are designed for illustrative purposes.
  • If the customer refuses to participate in any part of the services provided, Chalet Sapphire has no obligation to provide an alternative service or activity and the customer will not be entitled to a refund.
  • If Chalet Sapphire believes the health and safety of any client is at risk or a client has failed to disclose any relevant medical information, Chalet Sapphire may at its discretion make a decision to terminate the contract immediately without refund.

Your Responsibilities

As part of this contract you hereby agree to guarantee payment for any chargeable services requested by any member of your group before, during or after your holiday.

We do not specialise in providing holidays for persons with a disability, but we will do our utmost to cater for any special requirements you may have. If you or any member of your party has any allergies, medical conditions or disabilities, which may affect your stay, please provide us with full details before we confirm your booking so that we can try to advise you as to the suitability of your chosen arrangements.

Acting reasonably, if we are unable to properly accommodate the needs of the person(s) concerned, we will not confirm your booking or if you did not give us full details at the time of booking, we will cancel it and impose applicable cancellation charges when we become aware of these details.

It is the Client’s responsibility to inform Chalet Sapphire in writing of any health issues that may make them unsuitable to participate in the activity and/or service agreed. Failure to disclose any serious illness, injury or high dose of medication will allow Chalet Sapphire to reserve the right to refuse the client to partake in activities. Such information may result in Chalet Sapphire terminating the contract without a refund.

The client is responsible for their own medical requirements, clothing and footwear for the duration of the service / activity unless otherwise agreed in writing by Chalet Sapphire.

It is the sole responsibility of guests to organise and pay for their own flights and transportation to the location they have booked. Chalet Sapphire holidays do not include any flights or transportation services to customers until they arrive in the booked location. Chalet Sapphire accepts no responsibility for delayed, missed or cancelled flights, ferries, or other modes of transportation required to get to a location. We do not accept any responsibility for any advice given regarding flights and travel.

Chalet Sapphire may use external parties that have been checked and risk assessed however we are not responsible for the actions of these parties and the responsibility to determine whether the activity is unsafe is decided by the participating person. Guests who choose to take part in any/all activities do so exclusively at their own risk.

For self-drive guests, please check when booking regarding the parking available at the property. Chalet Sapphire accepts no responsibility for your vehicle and it is parked at your own risk. For self-drive guests, it is their own responsibility to ensure their vehicle is suitably equipped for travel. Chalet Sapphire accepts no responsibility for self-drive journeys, nor any liability in the event that your vehicle becomes immobile due to inadequate equipment.

In the interest of your safety, guests are not permitted to tend the fires or wood burners in the properties – these will be maintained by a trained member of staff.

Travel Insurance

It is a condition of your contract with us that you and your party obtain suitable Insurance, from a reputable provider, which must at least include the following:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses including, amongst other costs; mountain rescue, ambulance charges and repatriation
  • Cancellation of your trip or Curtailment (cutting short your trip)
  • Personal Liability to include, amongst other liabilities; damage caused by your negligence to the property in which you are staying and may not include a clause which restricts actions being taken against a travelling companion other than family
  • Travel and transfer delays which must include amongst other costs; additional costs incurred in the event of a delay beyond your or our control
  • Relevant cover for guests to participate in: Water sports, hiking and general fitness activities.

In the event that you fail to obtain suitable Insurance we shall not be liable for any costs incurred or claims made against us due to your failure to comply with this term. All customers must provide proof of adequate travel insurance before attending.

Passports, Visas And Essential Travel Advice

It is your responsibility to check and fulfill the passport, visa, health and immigration requirements applicable to your holiday. We can only provide general information about this. You must check requirements for your own specific circumstances with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates and your own doctor as applicable. Requirements do change and you must check the up to date position in good time before departure.

Most countries now require passports to be valid for at least 6 months after your return date. If your passport is in its final year, you should check with the Embassy of the country you are visiting. For further information contact the Passport Office on 0870 5210410 or visit www.passport.gov.uk .

We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel, or incur any other loss because you have not complied with any passport, visa, immigration requirements or health formalities.
You agree to reimburse us in relation to any fines or other losses which we incur as a result of your failure to comply with any passport, visa, immigration requirements or health formalities.
For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice . Note that this advice can change and you should continue to check the FCO website until your travel departure.

Service Times

In order for our staff to complete their duties professionally and to good standards in a reasonable amount of time in-line with their employment, service time limitations apply. Whilst we will always endeavor to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of our guests during a stay, in some instances we may need to restrict services that fall outside of these ‘regular’ service hours.

Housekeeping of rooms typically takes place between 9:30 and 16:00 each day. The housekeeping team will work on a daily Rota and it is not possible to set a specific time that housekeeping will take place for a given room in a given chalet. As such, if on arrival of the housekeeping team they are unable to service a room as it is occupied and cannot be vacated, then we may not be able to service your room on that day.


All guests staying with us are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and acceptable manner. If in our opinion or in the opinion of any chalet manager or any other person in authority, your behaviour or that of any member of your party is causing or is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to any third party or damage to property we reserve the right to terminate your booking arrangements with us immediately.

In the event of such termination our liability to you and/or your party will cease and you and/or your party will be required to leave your accommodation immediately. We will have no further obligations to you and/or your party. No refunds for lost accommodation will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of termination.

You and/or your party may also be required to pay for loss and/or damage caused by your actions and we will hold you and each member of your party jointly and individually liable for any damage or losses caused by you or any member of your party. Full payment for any such damage or losses must be paid directly to the chalet manager or other supplier prior to departure from the chalet. If you fail to make payment, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as a result of your actions together with all costs we incur in pursuing any claim against you.
Chalet Sapphire reserves the right to charge the card details which you provided on check in / deduct from any security deposit held in accordance with its rights under this clause.

Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Chalet Sapphire property and is limited within the grounds of our property. You will be informed of the designated smoking location when you check in – smoking in any other location is prohibited. Ashtrays are provided and must be used. We reserve the right to levy an additional cleaning charge for cigarette / cigar butts / ash that has not be disposed of correctly.


A laundry service is available to guests. Laundry bags are provided and the costs quoted are for these only.

Wash & Tumble Dry 10 EUR per bag
Press 15 EUR per bag laundered
Dry Cleaning 10 EUR plus actual cost


Guests staying in chalets and villas with swimming pools, hot tubs or other spa facilities, use them at their own risk and Chalet Sapphire can accept no responsibility for accidents/ injuries whilst using these facilities. In the interest of hygiene all guests are asked to shower before using these facilities. Guests are advised not to use these facilities if you:

  • Suffer from heart disease or circulatory problems.
  • Suffer from an infectious skin disease, sores or wounds.
  • Are pregnant (or seek medical advice before using the facilities).
  • Are taking anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasodilators, vasoconstrictors, stimulants, hypnotics, narcotics or tranquilisers or any other medications.

Typically, water in hot tubs / spas is changed on a weekly basis and therefore please be aware that it may still be heating to temperature on the first night of your stay.

The consumption of beverages in or around spa facilities must only be from a plastic vessel to avoid the risk of injury. The use of glass containers of any kind is prohibited. In addition it is advised that the intake of alcoholic beverages whilst using spa equipment should be limited in line to government consumption recommendations.


During retreats customers may be filmed – Chalet Sapphire reserves the right to record clients during activities and/or services. Footage may be used for marketing purposes for the foreseeable future. The client accepts all rights to footage are solely owned by Chalet Sapphire and agrees that all footage can be used by Chalet Sapphire at its discretion in any manner including but not limited to website, advertisements and promotional material. By attending the retreat customers automatically accept to being filmed and photographed. If the customer does not want to partake they should contact us in writing and specify.


Chalet Sapphire reserves all copyright which may subsist in the products of, or in connection with, the provision of all activities, services or facilities. Chalet Sapphire reserves the right to take such actions as may be appropriate to restrain or prevent infringement of such copyright.

Any Problems

If you are ever unhappy with any aspect of your holiday, you must address your complaint immediately to the chalet manager. Failure to contact the chalet manager whilst in resort, may affect your rights under this contract. In the unlikely event that your problem cannot be resolved locally, you must inform Chalet Sapphire in writing of your complaint within 28 days of your return so that any rights to compensation can be examined.

Force Majeure

Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions, we will not be liable or pay you compensation if our contractual obligations to you are affected by any event which we or the supplier(s) of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. These events can include but are not limited to war, threat of war, civil strife, terrorist activity and its consequences or the threat of such activity, riot, the act of any government or other national or local authority, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, chemical or biological disaster, adverse weather conditions and all similar events outside of our own or the relevant supplier(s) control. Advice from the Foreign Office to avoid or leave a particular country may constitute Force Majeure.


Headings within these booking conditions are for reference purposes only.
Please note that check in time is 4pm and check out is 10am. This allows for the chalet to be fully prepared for your arrival. Earlier access will only be allowed if the chalet is not occupied the previous week.

These booking conditions and any matters arising from them are exclusive governed in all respects by English Law. We both agree that any dispute, claim or other matter which arises between us out of or in connections with your contract or booking will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.